Factors To Consider In Custom Military Coins Production

Nowadays, it is a common thing to receive coins or medallions in parties, events, and gatherings that make recipients happy and grateful. Anyone would surely appreciate if a close friend gives him one. Although pre-designed coins are available, customers can still modify the design or make one out from scratch. Customization is charged with an additional fee. Here www.challengecoins4less.com, you can find out more idea about Custom Military Coins.

Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins are usually given as means of gratitude and appreciation to military members. Owners proudly bring their coins wherever they go. When the leader gives the coin to a member, it entails that the unit leader trusts and appreciates a member because of his loyalty and performance.


Producing coins can sometimes be stressful especially during the design process. The design should be creative and symbolic at the same time. With this in mind, given below are the factors to consider in making custom military coins.

• Event

It is a common thing for companies to use a medallion as a token of appreciation in most events like birthday party, retirement party, bachelor events, memorial ceremonies, business conferences, and events where bravery is showcased. As forms of giveaways, it could remind the participants how fruitful the event was.

• Artwork

The design of the coin is crucial as it symbolizes the company or organization and it determines the probable cost of production. Most companies aim is to produce a comprehensive design that can be made at a minimum cost. In addition, uniqueness is what every designer aims for. The design should be unique as it belongs to only one organization. If the coin is to be used in a certain event, the logo or insignia should encompass the theme or purpose of the event. In case the coin shall be given to someone close to you, then it would be better if he/she can relate with the design and it should bring a smile on his face. Images like monuments, flags, sport teams, dates, and cultural symbols may be included in the design and should be given an emphasis.

• Hard or Soft Enamel

Many people often think that hard and soft enamels pertain to the hardness and softness of the medallion. These actually refer to the finishing process done to the coin. In contrast with its name, hard enamel produces a smooth finish as an ample amount of stress is applied through the coin’s edges. Meanwhile, soft enamel produces raised metal forms along the coin’s edges making the coin rough and dimensional. Hard enamel costs higher than soft enamel.

• Number of Pieces

In terms of cost analysis, the more you order, the less money you need to expend. If the purpose of making custom military coins is to give them to your colleagues, family members, and close friends, then you may opt to order small amount of coins. It is better to have a list of recipients if you will order an exact amount. In case the coins are to be distributed in an event, order custom military coins in bulk to acquire a discount from the manufacturer. If the number of attendees is not yet known, then you could do a rough estimate. For instance, there are about hundred participants, then order 125 medallions.

• Plate

This refers to the outer covering of custom military coins. You may choose from black nickel, high-polished silver, antique silver, gold, bronze, and black metal.

• Size

The size of the coin is expressed through its diameter that is usually written in English unit like inches. A challenge coin is usually bigger than an American dollar coin. The common range of diameters is from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches.

• Edge

Edge can add to the coin’s texture and beauty. You may choose from spur edge, rope-cut edge, oblique-line edge, diamond-cross-cut edge, flat edge, and flat-weave edge.


Customizing your own coin is not as easy as what you might think. Manufacturers typically ask a lot about the design specifications that you prefer. If you are not familiar with the terms used, you might end up getting an undesired output. Thus, it is important to take time reading design specifications and consider the above-mentioned factors in order to come up with your desired design.

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